Commit fcc18bb0 authored by Mathieu Giraud's avatar Mathieu Giraud

demo/: update test

!OPTIONS should be given before !REQUIRES
parent 289ca9dd
# A !REQUIRES directive is executed before any test.
# The .should file is taken into account only if the !REQUIRES command exits with 0.
!REQUIRES: python3 -c "import sys; sys.exit(0 if sys.version_info >= $MIN_VERSION else 1)"
# Note that !REQUIRES directives may also use variables
# Note that !REQUIRES directives may also use variables, defined above
# We test here a function that was introduced in Python 3.5.
python3 -c "import math; print(math.isclose(math.pi, 3.14, rel_tol=0.01))"
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