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demo/out.should: new example, --log / --tap / --xml

Should increase test coverage.
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......@@ -3,4 +3,4 @@
./should -v --extra You demo/hello.should ; true
$ 'You' is added right after 'echo'
: echo You "hello, world"
: echo You hello, world
# A .should file launches any command it encounters.
# Every line starting with a `#` is a comment.
echo "hello, world"
echo hello, world
# Lines containing a `:` are test lines.
# The `test expression` is what is found at the right of the `:`.
./should --log --tap --xml demo/hello.should
cat demo/hello.log
cat demo/hello.tap
cat should.xml
$ --log output
r1: ^hello, world
$ --tap output
$ --xml output
1:<testsuites failures="0"
1:<testsuite cmd="['echo hello, world']"
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