Commit 7417d093 authored by Mathieu Giraud's avatar Mathieu Giraud

demo/verbose.should: test verbose output

closes #60 and #61
parent c642a821
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# should can have different levels of verbosity
./should demo/json.should
# Show summary, but do not show passed tests
r:==> ok .* total:.. tests
0:tests are on the keys
./should -v demo/json.should
# Show summary and show passed tests, with details
r:==> ok .* total:.. tests
:tests are on the keys
r:numbers\[3\].meaning .*42
./should -v demo/hello.should
# Do not show stdout
l0:------------ hello, world ------------
./should -vv demo/hello.should
# Show stdout
l1:------------ hello, world ------------
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