Commit 4f016af4 authored by Mathieu Giraud's avatar Mathieu Giraud

demo/{cal,retry}.should: new example

parent f9bf5b37
......@@ -37,3 +37,14 @@ w7: 31
$ 11 months have 30 days or more
w11: 30
# A test with 'f' is expected to be failed
$ The year is 1999, but this is not working now
f: 1999
# A test with 'f' but that nevertheless passes triggers a warning
$ The year is 2001, this should not work now... but yes
f: 2001
# --retry relaunches the previous failed or warned tests,
# with the same options that at the first call.
python3 src/ -v demo/hello.should demo/cal.should
python3 src/ --retry
$ 'cal.should' was labeled as 'TODO-but-ok' at both calls
rl: files with.*TODO-but-ok.*demo/cal.should.*Retrying
rl: Retrying .*files with.*TODO-but-ok.*demo/cal.should
$ At the second call, 'cal.should' is tested, but not 'hello.should'
r0l: Retrying .* demo/hello.should
r1l: Retrying .* demo/cal.should
$ The option '-v' was used at both calls
rl: 7 months have 31 days.*Retrying
rl: Retrying.*7 months have 31 days
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